About Us – Testimonials: Participants

Here is what some of our guests and art teachers are saying about ours tours. We will be more than happy to give you their contact information if you want to hear more from them about their experience with French Escapade.

Carole T. (left)
Greenville, SC
“A lifetime experience”

My, oh my, what memories you gave us! Such a wonderful week, along with JoAnne’s workshop. I feel your tour was a lifetime experience!

You have done an exceptional job organizing, with so much love and care for all of us. It was great fun. Best of luck with your upcoming tours.

May your next groups as much fun as we were! I loved your jokes too.

I can’t thank you enough. You are truly special, an angel in Venasque.

Painting Workshop: Provence 2012
Rose M. (middle)
“Be treated with great respect”

I found the owners, Jackie and Valerie, two of the finest people I have met, especially as tour group owners. They are great to talk to, travel with, and just to be friends with. You as a traveler will be treated with great respect and as a family member. This is how I felt on the first day at the airport.

Jackie is a great host, and driver. Her knowledge of each town, city, or country is almost unmatched. She makes sure her tours are exactly what she represents in each and every area. A great lady.

All, and I do repeat, ALL of the people on my tour had already been on other tours with French Escapade. The friendships with each other and myself was as if we had all come here together, knowing one another, as old friends. Each and everyone of us ate and drank with enthusiasm, laughing, playing around, joking, just having a great time as if in a large family.

I am sure to you this sounds out of the realm of traveling with strangers, but be open to who you are, and Jackie and Valerie will treat you as if they have known you a long time.

Cultural Tour: Belgium 2011
Renee L. (2nd from right)
Washington DC
“So much laughter, ease and beauty”

Thank you for a beautiful trip – it was absolutely wonderful and besides the itinerary you prepared, your warmth and humor is perfect for this metier. You are “bien dans ta peau” and made all of us relax and comfortable to be who we are, which in turn allowed us to relish every single moment of being in Provence and to enjoy the experience together.

I appreciate all that you did – you made it seem effortless. This was one of the best vacations in my life – there was so much laughter, ease and beauty. So many beautiful images and memories…but now my coffee tastes horrible, and where are my croissants?

Cultural Tour: Provence 2009
Nancy M. (left)
Danville, CA
“Best vacation I have ever had”

The vacation you created for us was the very best vacation I have ever had. With each passing day, it takes on new meaning for me. I am creating a CD of pictures from the visits and all morning I have been growing more nostalgic as I review my time in the Rhone-Alps region with you.

Last night I had a friend over, and I served her an aperitif of Macon-Villages with Myrtille Berry liqueur from Chartreuse, I put the special tablecloth I bought in France on the table, opened the wonderful Chateau des Amoureuses you so generously gave me, served salad from my garden with the walnut oil from Chanaz, and gave a demonstration of the proper way you taught me to cut cheese. It was wonderful! Thank you again.

Cultural Tour: French Lakes and Mountains 2007
Susan W. (2nd from right)
Oakland, CA
“like a sumptuous meal with one very delicious dish after another”

We arrived back in Oakland late Tuesday night, and have been re-living every special and wonderful moment of our time in Provence. It was a magnificent experience, and it was because of the care and concern you poured into every detail of the trip.

It was like a sumptuous meal with one very delicious dish after another. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. Neither of us will ever forget how we spent our 25th anniversary! I hope you are doing well–I know how hard you are working.

Cultural Tour: Provence 2009
Bonnie C. (2nd from left)
Santa Rosa, CA
“Surrender to the beauty of the place”

From the moment we connected at the airport, I felt myself relax! Jackie and Valerie attended to every detail of making the trip safe, educational, entertaining, and country-French authentic. Yet they did it with a kind of grace and that felt like each person’s needs and tastes were important and respected.

It was so refreshing to just surrender to the beauty of the place and to their special charms and TLC. We all wanted to live there forever, or, lacking that, take them both home with us. Dream on, dream on.

Painting Workshop: French Lakes and Mountains, 2006 & 2007 | Belgium 2009 | Provence 2011
Mary M. (2nd from left)
Oakland, CA
“It feels like we are leaving some good friends behind.”

Wow, we had such a marvelous time here, I can hardly believe it is over! I thought of revolting last night and refusing to pack.

All the events were so well planned and Jac was well prepared for all our questions. We really, really appreciated your patience while we took hundred and hundred of pictures.

I feel so sad to leave, it feels like we are leaving some good friends behind.

Cultural Tour: French Lakes and Mountains 2005 | Belgium 2010
Rima G.
Oakland, CA
“These tours are rich with cultural events and a true insider look”

I have been on 4 of French Escapade tours. You definitely need to get yourselves hooked up. We have had a blast on each tour. Jackie is wonderful, very patient and knowledgeable and funny too! She makes everyone feel so very comfortable. And if it is your birthday, she will make sure it gets celebrated during the tour!

You are treated to areas of France or Belgium that American tourists either do not know about or do not have access to. As a result, these tours are rich with cultural events and a true insider look. Hope you get lucky with your future dates. It is definitely worth every penny.

Cultural Tours: French Lakes and Mountains 2005 | Belgium 2007 | Provence 2009 | Spain 2013
Bob I.
Smyrna, GA
“It was my most relaxing trip to Europe ever”

Thanks again for such a wonderful trip to France. It was my most relaxing trip to Europe ever. I came home happy, and rested.

I have tried to share the trip with several other people, but it is hard to really convey just how special it is.

The food was fantastic. The warm hospitality will long be remembered as one of the highlights of my travel. Who knows, I just might get a chance to come back again.

Cultural Tour: French Lakes and Mountains 2005
Sherri M.
Laguna Niguel, CA
“The most memorable vacation in my life”

You and French Escapade provided me with the most memorable vacation in my life: …Cathy on the farm, truffle hunting with Robert or learning all about French olive oil.

And of course there was our time with the chefs. I didn’t only learn more about food, including selecting produce and unique preparation methods, and I didn’t only get to try *amazing* dishes, but I also learned more about French culture and values through our time in the kitchen. To me, that’s the most precious and priceless part of our trip.

Cooking Tour: Provence 2012
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