Frequently Asked Questions

Who travels on your tours?

We offer women-only tours as well as co-ed tours. We have couples and singles on our tours.

What is the age of the people traveling on your tours?

Our guests are anywhere between 35 and 75 years old, the average age being 45-65 on the cultural and cooking tours and an average of 50-75 on the painting tours. The minimum age required is 18 years old. The age is really not important, your attitude is, so you should not worry about age. Just have an open mind and a sense of humor.

How much painting time is involved on the painting tours?

It really depends on the teacher but it is also up to you how much you want to paint. A typical day is: departure 9am, starting painting by 10am, picnic lunch at 1pm and more painting, maybe in a different location from 2 to 4pm. Usually, some painters get tired after lunch, so we will take them on cultural visits while the others are painting. Every other evening, there is an optional critique session run by the teacher. However, it varies with teachers so please check with them prior.

There is usually one morning or afternoon without painting because we go to the market, visit a museum, etc… However, you can always opt-out from the activity and paint.

How fit do I need to be to go on your tours?

On Cultural Tours
There is some walking involved everyday to go and visit the sites. You need to be able to walk about 1 mile a day and may not be able to participate if you have some walking disabilities. You also need to be able to climb some stairs (at the hotel) and go up and down the van every day.

However, you do not need to be very fit. There is always the option of waiting for the group at the terrace of a cafe. Also, if you are tired or just want to relax for the day, you have the opportunity to opt out of any activity. You can spend the day at the hotel, reading a book in the garden.

On Painting Tours
We drive you close to the painting sites so you don’t have to walk too far with all your painting gears. However, there is some walking involved every day. You need to be able to walk about 1/2 mile a day and may not be able to participate if you have some walking disabilities. You also need to be able to climb some stairs (at the hotel) and go up and down the van every day. Therefore, you may not be able to participate if you have some walking/physical disabilities.

Can you accommodate vegetarians or people with dietary restrictions?

On the tours where we have a chef on site, he will be happy to adapt meals to your specific dietary needs whenever possible. However, some meals are taken at restaurants. We will do our best to tell the restaurants about your diet but have limitations on what we can ask them.

Will I fit on the tour if I am traveling solo and don't know anyone?

Yes, we always get several solo travelers on our tours. Besides, the group eats together for most lunches and for all dinners. Our guide is also always with the group so you will never be alone if you don’t want to.

I have never traveled outside the US. Do I need to speak the language?

Not at all. It is actually the perfect situation to travel with us. Our guides are bilingual and will be with you at all times, from your arrival at the airport (or train station) till the last day, back at the airport (or train station). Besides, we give you an information package with all you need to know: help with your flight or train booking, travel insurance recommendation, what to bring, etc…

I have a special interest (wine tasting, history, gardens, ...). Will it be possible to make some changes to the tour?

If you are coming with your own group and if the group has a special interest, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, the tour will still take place in one of the locations we currently offer.

I like biking or horse back riding. Can you arrange a sporting tour?

Not at this point. We want you to learn about the culture. Our tours are cultural tours and not sporting tours.

Can you give me the reference of someone who has been on the tour before?

Absolutely. We would be happy to give you contact information of past participants who have agreed to be contacted.

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