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V.I.E.W. by Evelyn Dunphy White Peonies in a Swedish Vase (with backlighting and reflections in watercolor)

Level: High Beginner and Intermediate- Max 16 participants

Dates:  May 17, 18 & 19 (9am-1pm PDT = noon-3pm EDT):

Reference Photo for the Class


There are thousands, if not millions of flower paintings in the world. We must dream up a personal interpretation, with our choice of flowers, the arrangement and lighting – what is included, what is omitted. This subject could be described as “peonies in a vase on the table by the window”. In my imagination, it is the light that makes it worthy of a painting.

I cut peonies every summer and carry them around looking for good spots to take photos. This time I found it in the kitchen window where the afternoon light was streaming in. I brought the little blue table in and put the flowers on it.  As the afternoon passed, the reflections appeared.

Composition is the first and most important consideration. Backlighting makes the image more dramatic. The dark values down the right hand side and along the base are a good example of “repoussoir”, the classic design principle in which a subject can be “framed” within the picture plane. Squint to see this more clearly.

During this workshop, Evelyn will show you how to use the techniques that will go into creating this light-filled painting. First we must ask the important questions.

How do you paint a white peony in the shadow? Finding the “right” color for the shadowed areas of the white peonies in this painting. It may be different in another lighting situation.

How to paint the peonies so that the blossoms are three-dimensional?

We will accomplish that by:

  • painting the “lost and found” edges within them
  • using warm and cool variations of the colors
  • controlling the values within the peonies, in order to turn the petals away, or bring them into the light. The variation of value on the leaves and stems in the water are all part of this. 
  • Painting a lustrous, transparent dark background
  • Creating a wet in wet background through the window, showing light and shadow and the soft edged reflections on the blue table.

Why using stretched paper?  I’ll be able to show you the benefits of the unique way in which I stretch my watercolor paper, and have you enjoy this wonderful surface. Very few artists do this; even Graeme Stevenson from the Australian art video company who films artists all around the world, was filled with questions when he saw my large prepared paper! You can see a little preview of it on the video link on my website:

“Our subject will give us several opportunities to appreciate the options that we have using this surface. However, you are welcome to use your usual watercolor paper for this workshop if you prefer not to stretch paper. All techniques that we will use will apply to 140# or 300# cold press paper. There will be some small changes made to our reference photo to make a stronger composition. These will be provided for you with a sketch”.

Here’s why I love this surface. (I’ll skip the preamble about how to do it, etc. as that will all be provided once you have registered for the class).

  • The value of the pigment that you put on the paper will dry just about exactly the value you put down.
  • Your loaded brush strokes go on the paper just like “cream”.
  • With values of a mid tone and higher, you will be able to create beautiful texture. It’s going to work beautifully with our subject.
  • Lifting is a cinch, (if you like to lift edges or secondary lights in your painting).
  • No rippling or buckling of the paper during the painting. When the painting is done, you just remove it, trim the edges and you have a perfectly flat painting ready to frame.

The class is interactive so you will paint along with Evelyn, step by step with frequent times included for her to look at your painting (you will be able to show your work though your camera), and make suggestions before moving on. Personal attention is a very important part of our live classes. It’s almost as good as being together in person! 



Price:  US$ 249 for 3 sessions of 3 hours (total 9 hours)

The price includes:

  • Personal feedback and critique during the class: Evelyn will give you time to paint and then look at each student work in progress and comment on it along the way. You will also receive a final critique at the end of the session.
  • The recording of both sessions for you to  keep forever.
  • Feedback after the class: Evelyn is available between classes or also after the classes if you have questions or need help.
    If you post on your finished painting on  our V.I.E.W. facebook page, Evelyn will give you final suggestions for your painting.

After you have registered for the workshop:

Complete instructions will be sent on how to stretch the paper, so that you can do that in advance to prepare for the workshop. If you are interested in this workshop, please register early as you will need to purchase wooden stretchers and have time for them to be delivered.

A sketch of the subject will be sent along with the supply list. I encourage you to check the supply list early so that if there are one or two pigments that you do not have, you will have time to get them.

Organized and effective instructor.

”This was an excellent workshop: Evelyn Dunphy is such a calm, organized, & effective instructor. I greatly appreciated how she managed to keep everyone moving forward, yet allowed people to work at their own pace. In particular I appreciated & benefited from her frequent individualized feedback & critique during the sessions”. Rosemary T.  

Evelyn Dunphy Biography:

Evelyn Dunphy’s work has been exhibited in juried exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada and the UK, including the Royal Watercolour Society’s Contemporary Art Exhibit, London, UK, American Watercolor Society, Salmagundi Club , New York, National Arts Club, New York, Adirondack Exhibition of American Watercolors, “Portraits, Interior And Exterior”, Arts Club of Washington, DC and toured with the International Guild of Realism’s Masterworks Museum Tour.

Two of Dunphy’s paintings were included among artists from 83 countries in the “World Watercolour Competition” sponsored by The Art of Watercolour magazine published in France. Her work was a finalist in the Artist’s Magazine annual competition out of 6800 entries and has been included in several “SPLASH” publications and “Pratique des Arts”.

Dunphy is a Signature Member of the New England Watercolor Society, member of the International Guild of Realism, and American Society of Marine Artists.

Evelyn Dunphy has taught many workshops nationally and internationally. Dunphy is a sought-after watercolor instructor whose workshops always sell out fast.

We are sure you will enjoy and appreciate Evelyn’s unique ability to convey her easy to understand instruction and genuine sincerity in assisting students like yourself in reaching your goals as a watercolor artist.

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