V.I.E.W: Virtual Interactive Escapade Workshops

Paint Live from your home with a master and fellow artists. We are working hand in hand with our team of high-end artists/instructors to present you unique interactive live online painting workshops where you can paint along and get feedback from the comfort of your home. Check our V.I.E.W. calendar with all the online classes we offer with different instructors.

V.I.E.W. by Evelyn Dunphy: Mastering Watercolor Techniques

Level: All levels- Max 16 participants

Dates:  Each Thursday from April 29 till June 17 (total of 8 weeks)  (9-11:30am PDT, noon-2:30pm EDT):

Rate:  US$ 448  for 8 sessions of 2.5 hour each day. Total of 20 hours 

Are you excited about your watercolor paintings, with lots of ideas for things you want to paint, but perhaps not as confident as you would like to be about the techniques you need to achieve that beautiful vision that is in your head? 

We are excited to think that you will find this new series of classes to be just right for you. You will receive in-depth instruction each week in an important skill to help you reach a new level of expertise. Each class will include visual examples of the technique in a painting, demonstrations of the process, and time for you to practice with personal attention at each step.

The class is interactive so you will paint along with Evelyn, step by step with frequent times included for her to look at your painting (you will be able to show your work though your camera), and make suggestions before moving on. Personal attention is a very important part of our live classes. It’s almost as good as being together in person!



Day 1:  April 29: Painting Fabric and Drapery in the Tradition of John Singer Sargent

The demonstration will show how to paint shadows on a garment or drapery, reflected color and light, as well as adding pattern, such as tartan, stripes or a flowered design. Students will do small studies in order to understand the process so that they can utilize the techniques in their paintings. 


Day 2:  May 6: Painting Transparent Reflections 

Reflections of mountains, trees and clouds in water, and coastal scenes will be covered in this class. The demonstrations will show different subjects being reflected, as well as various ways of painting reflections.


Day 3: May 13: Wet in Wet

Painting of Tuscan Villages: Examples will be shown to illustrate the technique with a demonstration of two Tuscan villas in a wet in wet style. Other examples will be shown of wet in wet skies, water, and abstract forms. Students will practice the technique from the Tuscan villa example,


Day 4: May 20: Use Color Temperature to Make any Shape Turn in Space 

Create a three-dimensional space by using warm and cool colors. Shapes can turn from side to side, move back or forward in the picture plane with value, and also with the understanding of the warmth or coolness of color. It’s especially valuable in a composition where the artist does not want to depend on strong contrast. . Demonstrations will illustrate this, and examples of the dynamics of warm and cool pigments will be shown.


Day 5: May 27: “Edges Separate the Amateur from the Professional” quoted to Evelyn by Frank Lalumia, a Southwest artist.

Demonstrations will show a variety of edges of many subjects such as how to create a color bridge between two different planes of color and value, give the impression of a figure twirling around, the edge of grasses by a field or flowers merging into the background. Students will practice these in small studies.


Day 6: June 3: Designing Strong Paintings using NOTAN, a Japanese term which literally means “light dark harmony”.

By assigning black or white to all shapes within a composition we will build strong compositions without being distracted by color and detail. Examples will be used to illustrate the process of making notan studies, whether in landscape, figure or still life paintings. Small studies will be done to explore and practice being able to “see” the principle of notan. Photos will be supplied.


Day 7: June 10: Create Luminosity in your Paintings by Layering Cool Colors over Warm 

Demonstrations will include layering color over the buildings of an Irish village to show light and shadow, and layered shadows on flower petals. Other examples showing this technique will be shown. Students will do small studies to practice each of the techniques. 


Day 8: June 17: Making Texture by Spritzing, Scraping, Adding Pastel Pencil and Stippling

There will be demonstrations of adding texture to areas of a watercolor painting using these methods, and students can practice getting specific effects. Discussion and examples of using Masa paper for a textured background will be included, with instructions for students so that they may experiment with this method after the workshop. 


 The price of $448 includes:

  • Personal feedback and critique during the class: Evelyn will give you time to paint and then look at each student work in progress and comment on it along the way. You will also receive a final critique at the end of the session.
  • The recording of all sessions for you to  keep forever.
  • Feedback after the class: Evelyn is available between classes or also after the classes if you have questions or need help.
  • The access to our V.I.E.W. facebook page:  a nice way to share your work and exchange with the VIEW artist community.


After you have registered for the workshop:

Evelyn will send you her recommended supply list as well as reference photos for you to print for the class.


Spectacular Class

“Thank you for another spectacular class. I’ve learned more from the workshops I’ve attended with you than I have in the collocation of books I’ve acquired over the past year or so and all the videos I’ve watched online combined. I’m grateful for your steady guidance at every step.” Anne-Marie Fowler.  

Feedback from Anne-Marie Fowler
Evelyn Dunphy Biography:

Evelyn Dunphy’s work has been exhibited in juried exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada and the UK, including the Royal Watercolour Society’s Contemporary Art Exhibit, London, UK, American Watercolor Society, Salmagundi Club , New York, National Arts Club, New York, Adirondack Exhibition of American Watercolors, “Portraits, Interior And Exterior”, Arts Club of Washington, DC and toured with the International Guild of Realism’s Masterworks Museum Tour.

Two of Dunphy’s paintings were included among artists from 83 countries in the “World Watercolour Competition” sponsored by The Art of Watercolour magazine published in France. Her work was a finalist in the Artist’s Magazine annual competition out of 6800 entries and has been included in several “SPLASH” publications and “Pratique des Arts”.

Dunphy is a Signature Member of the New England Watercolor Society, member of the International Guild of Realism, and American Society of Marine Artists.

Evelyn Dunphy has taught many workshops nationally and internationally. Dunphy is a sought-after watercolor instructor whose workshops always sell out fast.

We are sure you will enjoy and appreciate Evelyn’s unique ability to convey her easy to understand instruction and genuine sincerity in assisting students like yourself in reaching your goals as a watercolor artist.

V.I.E.W. Registration Form

French Escapade has been dedicated to bring the artist community together since 2004 by offering plein-air painting workshops in amazing settings abroad or in the US.

In today’s challenging times, we want this sense of community to continue even though we are all confined in our homes and isolated from one another.

So V.I.E.W., our Virtual Interactive Escapade Workshop, is a program whose goal in not only to offer online painting classes, but also a sense of camaraderie in small groups of people painting together as friends. Like in our plein-air painting workshops, we wish to recreate this congeniality that we lack so much when sheltered in place. Our wonderful team of instructors has jumped on board with enthusiasm and has at heart to bring art and comfort to you in this trying time.

From your home, you will participate in our Virtual Interactive Escapade Workshop hosted by Jackie and instructed by one of our art instructors on your laptop, desktop or Ipad.

You can mirror the screen of your Ipad or computer to your TV screen (smart TVs, Apple TV, …). We will help you for the setup if you do not feel comfortable. We will also do a group test prior to the first online painting session to make sure you are comfortable using the application.

With V.I.E.W., you can sign-up for a live online workshop from a wide variety of artists, media and levels all in one place.

Save money by becoming  recurrent V.I.E.W. participants with our fidelity program.

We offer 2 types of  V.I.E.W. Master Classes:

  • Master Classes with ONE artist: 3 sessions of 2 hours to concentrate on one style.
  • Master Classes with TWO artists: 4 sessions of 2 hours to diversify your palette of techniques (2 sessions with each artist).

How are our V.I.E.W. workshops different than other online classes?

  • Our V.I.E.W. workshops are live, interactive and hands-on.
  • The instructors do demos and also give you time to paint during the live session.
  • You can enjoy interactivity with fellow students.
  • The V.I.E.W. workshops alternate 3 live lessons with 2 or 3 days of assignments in between giving you time to practice what you learned.
  • The instructors review your work and give you constructive feedback.
  • Q&A are welcome.
  • At the end of the program, you will have at least one finished painting.
  • You participate from the comfort of your home.
  • You need to download a free application on your device (preferably a lap top to have a big screen)
  • We work with you to the set up the online application if you need assistance.
  • We run a test session the day before the workshop to make sure everyone is all set.
  • The classes are LIVE.
  • You see the teacher and the other participants.
  • The teacher gives a demo (step by step demo, paint along, painting techniques, etc…It varies based on the teacher’s style).
  • You have time to practice during the session what you just learned from the teacher.
  • If you have questions while practicing or watching the demo, you can ask the instructor because the classes are LIVE.
  • You enjoy interactivity and sharing art with fellow students.
  • You get 3 lessons of 2 hours each.
  • You are able to show the teacher what you have done and receive personal constructive critique.
  • At the end of the 3 lessons, you should have at least one finished painting.

How do I sign up?

Email us at and make sure to let us know for what teacher you want to sign  up.  We will send you a registration form to fill out.

How can I pay?

1- If you sign up over a week before the online class, you can send us a US check, payable to French Escapade LLC. Address is: 2389 Blackpool Pl, San Leandro, CA 94577.

2- You can either send your payment using ZELLE. It is free. All big US banks offer ZELLE. It is very easy to set up. Go to your online bank account and you will see the option “ZELLE”. It will only take a minute to set it up. Choose as recipient.

3- We can use Paypal and use your credit card. Choose as recipient.

How do I start?

You will need to download an application. We will let you know which one when you sign up. The application is free and very easy to use.  You can download it on your mobile, your tablet or your computer. We recommend using a computer (PC or Mac) because the screen is bigger and it will allow you to see the demo better.

What if I have problems downloading the application?

You can contact us and we will help you but it is really a 3 min straight forward process.

How will I know how to use the application?

We organize a short meeting with all the participants the day before the first session to make sure everyone knows how to use it. It is very simple to use.

How do I access the live session?

We send you an invitation to the meeting via email ahead of time with the date and time of the meeting. When it is time, you just need to click on the link to enter the online session. The moderator will be able to see that you are trying to join and will let you in.

What if all participants start talking over each other during the session?

Don’t worry, that won’t happen. There is always be a member of French Escapade facilitating the session. Everyone have their microphone muted and the moderator lets people ask questions one at the time when it is appropriate in the session.

Are we going to paint during the session or only watch?

Yes, you paint during the session. After a short demo from the teacher, everyone has time to paint for a specific length of time. During that time, you can ask questions to the teacher if you encounter a problem with your painting. After the painting time, the teacher proceedes with more content (demo, techniques,…) and then again, after that demo, you paint what you just learned and so on. The goal is for you to have finished a painting (or close to that) at the end of the session. During the third session, everyone can share their work with the teacher and the other participant and get feedback from the teacher. You don’t need to share if you don’t feel comfortable but we encourage you to do so in order to receive feedback.

How do I know what painting supplies to use for the session?

We send everyone the teacher’s recommended painting supplies list ahead of time.

What if I don't want the other participants to see my face or to see me while I paint?

You can turn off the camera via the application. We will still see your name in a black box.

Can I get a partial refund if I can't attend all three sessions?

Unfortunately we can refund you. You pay for a 3 session package.

Can I send the invitation to a friend who hasn't registered?

No. The V.I.E.W. workshop is only for registered participants.  The moderator can see everyone accessing the session and will only accept the people who are registered.

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