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The more you paint, the more you save when you become a member!

Discover our new Membership Program and save money on your future sign-ups on VIEW online classes, recordings and plein-air painting workshops. Read below to find out all the privileges you will receive by getting one of our 3 memberships: bronze, silver or gold. The more you paint and travel, the more you save.

Cost: $100

BRONZE Member Benefits:

Cost: $150

SILVER Member Benefits:

Cost: $200

GOLD Member Benefits:

Terms & Conditions of the memberships

How it works:

– After you have purchased a membership, you will receive a coupon code in the confirmation email.
– Use this coupon code every time you buy a VIEW or a recording or when you sign up for a plein-air workshop.
– It is up to you to remember to use your coupon code for the purchase. If you forget to use it, we won’t be able to apply the lost discount to another class.
– When booking a plein-air painting, let us know that you are member (bronze, silver, gold) so that we can apply the discount to your remaining balance.
– Members agree not to share their coupon codes with anyone else.

Membership fees:

– Memberships can be purchased on our website all year long.
– The price of the membership is set for the calendar year and will be applied in full not matter the date of your purchase.
– Membership fees are not refundable even if the membership is not used.


– Membership is valid from January 1st to December 31st of the year of purchase, not matter when it was purchased.

Discounts on VIEWs and recordings

– Discounts are valid for online VIEW classes occurring during the year of membership.
– Discounts from the membership cannot be combined with any other VIEW or recordings discounts except stated otherwise.

Discounts on plein-air workshops

– Discounts are valid for plein-air workshop registrations made during the year of membership, no matter the date of the trip.
– However, if you have already booked a trip for 2022 in 2021, we will apply the discount when you become a member.
– The discount will be applied to your final payment and not to the deposit.
– The membership discount can be applied with the early bird discount.


– Memberships will not be automatically renewed at the end of the year; you will be able to renew your membership on our website starting in December for the following year. You will be notified when the new membership information are up and running.

Thank you for becoming a French Escapade member!

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