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``Pebbles in Watercolor`` by Angus McEwan

Class Information

This workshop will cover the techniques needed to convey the textures of pebbles with different surfaces, tones & textures along with a piece of rust collected from the beach located near the artist in Scotland.

A fun look at producing a painting with multi coloured stones over two 3 hour sessions using, stippling, washes, wet on wet, wet on dry, splattering, neo colours II and tints to create the illusion of 3-dimensional stones.

The class is live and interactive on ZOOM

Dates:  May 23 & 24  from 9am-noon Pacific Time 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Participants: Max 20

Medium: Watercolor

Price: $178 for 6 hours

Class Format

  • A host from the VIEW Academy will facilitate the meeting, admitting you if you connect late, helping you with technical problems, etc…
  • The V.I.E.W. workshop is live, interactive and hands-on
  • Angus will demonstrate step by step,  breaking up the process in manageable steps, giving you time to paint during the live session
  • You will be able to ask questions directly to Angus
  • You will be able to show your work to Angus to get personal feedback and critique
  • You will enjoy interactivity with fellow participants
  • You can keep the recordings of the class forever

What you will learn in this Class

  1. An Exploration of unique watercolour techniques
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Drawing as a strong foundation
  4. The development of Textures
  5. Use of strong colour
  6. Multiple Layering approach
  7. Complex combinations of a variety of approaches in watercolour

Biography-Angus McEwan, RWS, NWS, AWI, RGI, RSW, IMWA, SDWS

“I work with a series of unique techniques especially created by myself to portray crumbling facades, worn, decrepit old doors and windows with an attention to detail verging on hyper realism that masks a fascination for abstract qualities inherent in the subject matter.

Angus McEwan was born in Dundee, Scotland and studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College Art, graduating in Fine Art and printmaking with a Post Graduate Diploma in the same discipline. He also has a Merit in a teaching Certificate- Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education, Scotland.

Angus was elected to the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours, (RSW) in 1995 and in 2012 a full member of the Royal Watercolour Society, (RWS). He is also an associate member of the AWS and NWS in the USA. In 2016 he was elected member of the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) and in 2018 Angus was elected a signatory member of the Australian Watercolour Institute (AWI).

In 2018 Angus received a 3rdplace award at the ARC Salon Competition (the largest and most prestigious Competition in the Western world for realist Art) for a landscape painting, “Shroud of Qingdao” and an honourable mention in the still life category for “Tea Break”. Shroud of Qingdao was  exhibited in the 13th International ARC Salon Travelling Exhibition showing in New York, Los Angeles and Barcelona, 2018/19.

You can find out more about Angus on his site at

Samples of Angus McEwan's Art

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Testimonials from our VIEWers

“You will be totally hooked on V.I.E.W after taking your first class. The quality and breadth of instructors and lessons is impressive, and the customer service is exceptional.”

Sandy G.

“Love, love love your online classes! I’ve done five so far and have really enjoyed them all.  I feel my work has improved a lot thanks to your online workshops. You do the BEST job facilitating these workshops. I love the pace, and the instructors are all so willing to stop and help students!”

Arlette T.

“Jackie, the courses and quality of instructors you have cultivated through French Escapade V.I.E.W. is world-class. You do such a great job hosting the program — you are on top of your game with production quality, responsiveness with quick replay links, and also announcing upcoming events to students. A side benefit is your fun, wickedly sharp and entertaining sense of humor. Keep up the great work. I’m not surprised that V.I.E.W. is expanding and doing so well!”

Sandy G.

The Price of US $178 for 6 hours includes:

  • Documents to help prepare for the class
  • Personal feedback during the class
  • The access to our VIEW Facebook page so you can share and communicate with the VIEW Academy community of artists and teachers.
  • The recordings of the class that you can keep forever
  • If you can’t attend, you can buy the recording only. Same price.
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