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VIEW with Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling: ``Santa Barbara Sunshine`` in Watercolor

Join this VIEW as a warmup to Cindy & Theresa’s October Plein Air workshop, and/or enjoy virtually traveling to Santa Barbara to paint two of their favorite sites.

Paint the Santa Barbara Sunshine with Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs in this two day, two instructor workshop.  We’ll explore how to paint captivating light and shadows as we mix and mingle a variety of colors that glow with sunlight.  You’ll loosen up, let your paintbrush dance across your paper, and discover the joy of capturing the essense of a scene.  While Cindy and Theresa use similar palettes their stunning painting styles are uniquely their own.

Day 1: Meridian Studios Doorway with Theresa Goesling

Day 2: Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse with Cindy Briggs.

Class Information

Day 1: You will paint vibrant colorful watercolors with Theresa Goesling’s step-by-step guidance infused with creativity. Theresa’s intimate Meridian Studios Doorway is inspired by the weaving wisteria vines, inviting turquoise doors and magical colorful walls of this hidden garden and studio space in downtown Santa Barbara.  A reference photo and tracing is provided to get you off to an easy start on Thursday.

Day 2: You will paint the sunlit Santa Barbara Courthouse following Cindy’s plein air painting process. You will discover how to visualize and simplify your design, then capture the unique structure and California  landscaping with captivating color and light. We’ll focus on the importance of values for dimension and a variety of brushstrokes.  A reference photo and simplified tracing will is provided.

The class is live and interactive on ZOOM

Dates: Aug 12 & 13 from 10am-1pm PDT 

Level: High Beginners to Intermediate

Participants: Max 16

Medium: Watercolor

Price: $178 for 6 hours. If you can’t attend, you can buy the recording only. Book the class and email us to let us know you won’t attend.

Class Format

  • A host from the VIEW Academy will facilitate the meeting, admitting you if you connect late, helping you with technical problems, etc…
  • The V.I.E.W. workshop is live, interactive and hands-on
  • Theresa and Cindy will demonstrate step by step,  breaking up the process in manageable steps, giving you time to paint during the live session
  • You will be able to ask questions directly to the teachers
  • You will be able to show them your work to get personal feedback and critique
  • You will enjoy interactivity with fellow participants
  • You can keep the recordings of the class forever.

What you will learn in this Class

  1. Learn to enrich your watercolors with vibrant, bold creative color.
  2. Learn how to simplify, loosen up and create an enchanting landscape scene with contour line drawing.
  3. Discover how a multi-colored washes can connect a scene.
  4. Loosen up techniques with bold strokes.

Biography-Cindy Briggs

From Park City, Utah to charming historical villages throughout Europe, Cindy Briggs enthusiastically shares the creative journey with her students. Teaching locally and internationally for 25 years, Cindy has now worked with French Escapade for over 5 years, and appreciates how Jackie and Valerie take such great care of their guests.

An award-winning artist, Cindy’s work has been featured in many international juried National Watercolor Society exhibitions among other Watercolor Society, University, Gallery and Museum exhibitions. She has been published in Watercolor Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Outside Artist, Conde Nast Magazine among local and regional magazines.

Cindy has worked with Daniel Smith for decades as a feature demonstrator and instructor. She also teaches watercolor workshops for the Smithsonian Art Studios, University of Utah, and many arts organizations. She has also served as a juror for regional events and national arts festivals. Cindy produces numerous online watercolor program packages and enjoys providing a virtual front row seat for all of her students.

Cindy has also co–written a successful watercolor manual with Theresa Goesling. You’ll find the life-long friends teaching individually and together on V.I.E.W, overseas with French Escapade and in beautiful destinations closer to home.

More info about Cindy Briggs at

Samples of Cindy's Art

Biography-Theresa Goesling

Theresa Goesling, has traveled the world finding the most picturesque places to paint and enjoys sharing these destinations with her students. As a signature member and past President for Northwest Watercolor Society, Theresa has dedicated her time towards helping others find their passion for watercolor. She was an Art Director for Eddie Bauer, and is an accredited representative and honored demonstration artist of Daniel Smith Artist Materials. Theresa’s paintings have been published in “Splash”, Plein Air Magazine, Outdoor Artist, Watercolor Magazine & juried into the American Watercolor Society International Open Exhibition. Theresa is an internationally recognized instructor, author & juror.

In 2021, Theresa was awarded one of the most prestigious honors for an artist by Daniel Smith Artist Materials with her own palette “Dot Card”. The card is of her paint sample of her 18-color palette and is distributed globally and is only available through Theresa in her classes. Theresa has been teaching international workshops for over 25 years. Whether she paints impressionistic or contemporary in feel, her eye-catching painting style is distinguished by rich, vibrant color and strong in design principles.

She co-authored a watercolor instruction book, “Make Every Day A Painting” with her life-long friend, Cindy Briggs, whom she enjoys team teaching with French Escapade on V.I.E.W. and beautiful destinations.
Theresa Goesling Website: www.TheresaGoesling.ART

Samples of Theresa's Art

Testimonials from our VIEWers

“The session recordings are one of the reasons these live on-line workshops are better than in-person workshops. The other reason is that we can sit comfortably and look over the shoulder of the artist during the demo. I’m so glad that you are presenting these workshops!”

Margaret W.

“Love, love love your online classes! I’ve done two so far and have really enjoyed both.  I feel my work has improved a lot thanks to your online workshops.

You do the BEST job of these workshops. I love the pace, and the instructors are all so willing to stop and help students!” 

Arlette T.

“Jackie, the courses and quality of instructors you have cultivated through French Escapade V.I.E.W. is world-class. Jackie, you do such a great job hosting the program — you are on top of your game with production quality, responsiveness with quick replay links, and also announcing upcoming events to students. A side benefit is your fun, wickedly sharp and entertaining sense of humor. Keep up the great work. I’m not surprised that V.I.E.W. is expanding and doing so well.”

Sandy G.

The Price of US $ 178 for 6 hours includes:

  • Documents to help prepare for the class
  • Personal feedback during the class
  • The recording of all sessions for you to keep forever
  • The access to our VIEW Facebook page so you can share and communciate with the VIEW Academy community of artists and teachers.
  • If you can’t attend, you can buy the recording only.
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