VIEW with Gourav Dutta in Watercolor: ``From Austria with Love``

In this workshop, Gourav will show several of his techniques to achieve depth, color harmony and contrast in a painting.

Class Information

The class is live and interactive on ZOOM

Dates:  May 27 & 28: from 9am-12:30pm Pacific time (US & Canada) 

Level: High beginners & Intermediate 

Participants: Max 20

Medium: Watercolor

Price: $148 for 7 hours until May 10 then reg price of $198. If you can’t attend, you can buy the recording only. Book the class and email us to let us know you won’t attend.

Class Format

  • A host from the VIEW Academy will facilitate the meeting, admitting you if you connect late, helping you with technical problems, etc…
  • The V.I.E.W. workshop is live, interactive and hands-on
  • Gourav will demonstrate step by step,  breaking up the process in manageable steps, giving you time to paint during the live session
  • You will be able to ask questions directly to Gourav
  • You will be able to show your work to Gourav to get personal feedback and critique
  • You will enjoy interactivity with fellow participants
  • You can keep the recordings of the class forever.

What you will learn in this Class

  1. The most simple yet important techniques for composition of a photograph or painting in general.
  2. Simple mathematical calculations that help in composition.
  3. How to create depth in a watercolour painting.
  4. How colour harmony and contrast affects the overall painting.
  5. How to minimise distractions in a painting.
  6. How to build a watercolour painting with layers

Biography-Gourav Dutta

Gourav Dutta is a young artist working within realism and hyperrealism, mainly in watercolours.

Gourav is a rising star from India and is a self-taught artist. His detailed observation of his surroundings made him love realism. His paintings evoke emotional responses from their observers.

“I’m a big fan of contemporary realism and new age hyperrealism genres and love to interpret daily life as it is without any adulteration, through my watercolour paintings and sketches. For me, hyperrealism does not mean copying a photograph but creating something that a photograph can never capture. A good realistic painting is always beyond any photograph! I mainly use watercolor but sometimes I also do pencil sketches, oils, acrylics and also sculpting”.

Gourav has already received many state, national and even international awards from the International Watercolor Society.

In 2019, he started participating in international contests and started to teach workshops.

His works can be found in private collections not only in India but also abroad.

You are witnessing the beginning of an international artist’s career which makes this workshop a very special one!

Samples of Gourav Dutta's Art

Click on any picture to enlarge.

Watch this short video of Gourav teaching the best way to compose a painting

Testimonials from our VIEWers

“Gourav is a skilled painter and is passionate about classical methods of art and design. He is easy to follow and pleasant to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and am sure others will too. ”

Christen H.

“I highly recommend this young artist. He is a thoughtful wonderful teacher with amazing skill. Also, very conscientious. He sent us a power point presentation after the workshop on some of the points he covered. You won’t be disappointed if you take a class with him”.

Val S.

“Thank you, French Escapade for adding the very talented Gourav Dutta to your artist line-up!  Gourav broke down what might seem be a complicated project into very manageable steps.  He was personable and happy to answer our questions while clearly demonstrating and describing his process.  Each participant received valuable feedback throughout the workshop and I look forward to painting with Gourav again!”.

Karen W.

The Price of US $148 for 7 hours (before May 10) includes:

  • Documents to help prepare for the class
  • Personal feedback during the class
  • The recording of all sessions for you to keep forever
  • The access to our VIEW Facebook page so you can share and communciate with the VIEW Academy community of artists and teachers.
  • If you can’t attend, you can buy the recording only. Same price
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