VIEW with Keiko Tanabe in Watercolor

Design and Composition: Storytelling from your own photos

Class Information

The class is live and interactive on ZOOM

Dates: Feb 11 & 12  from 10am-1pm Pacific time (US & Canada) 

Level:Intermediate to Advanced

Participants: Max 20

Medium: Watercolor

Price: $198 for 6 hours.

Day 1: We will use YOUR references creatively to have more fun with watercolor.  We will be focusing on story telling and explore different ideas and options by doing various sketches.

Day 2: We will put together sketches to make a final painting.  Bring your own reference photos to add your own figures in the painting.

This is part 2 of Design and Composition:

If you attended part 1: You will learn some new techniques since this class is based on story telling.

If you didn’t attend part 1: You can attend this one. The 2 classes complement each other. They can be taken in any order.

Do you feel stuck when facing a blank watercolor page?

One day, sooner or later, every painter faces this dilemma. Painting is not just applying pigments on a  blank page. It is not  a mere coloring exercise.
Nobody can avoid the creation phase that underlies any painting. Uncertainty settles and you ask yourselves many questions when  facing  a scene you want to reproduce. Where do I start ? What do I crop ? What paper size do I choose? Is it balanced?  Are my proportions right?
Decisions can be stressful. Don’t sweat!

Keiko will teach you how to design a painting by applying the basic rules of composition.

Class Format

  • A host from the VIEW Academy will facilitate the meeting, admitting you if you connect late, helping you with technical problems, etc…
  • The V.I.E.W. workshop is live, interactive and hands-on
  • Keiko will demonstrate step by step,  breaking up the process in manageable steps, giving you time to paint during the live session
  • You will be able to ask questions directly to Keiko
  • You will be able to show your work to Keiko to get personal feedback and critique
  • You will enjoy interactivity with fellow participants

What you will learn in this Class

  1. How to plan and build a strong composition by working on different sketches
  2. How to simplify a complex scene
  3. How to paint loosely
  4. How to create form and depth
  5. How to convey a mood

Biography-Keiko Tanabe, AWS, NWS

Mostly self-taught, Keiko embarked on a professional art career in 2005.  Since then, her paintings have been in many national and international exhibitions, both juried and invitational, and gained world-wide recognitions.  Her work has been purchased by private and corporate collectors from all around the world.  She also had her paintings published and featured in leading art magazines and a number of publications in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  A sought-after workshop instructor since 2011, she has conducted more than 300 workshops and numerous live demonstrations around the world.  Her approach to teaching is to help students identify and solve their problems to further advance their technical skills and refine their style.

Keiko has frequently served as a juror in art exhibitions both on national and on international levels.  In 2018, she was appointed to the advisory board of the American Watercolor Weekly.  She has several books and 2 DVD’s published.  She is currently a member of National Watercolor Society (signature), American Watercolor Society (signature), American Impressionist Society and Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (signature).   Keiko was born in Kyoto, Japan and currently lives in San Diego, California.

More info about Keko Tanabe:

Samples of Keiko Tanabe's Art

Testimonials from our VIEWers

Keiko’s workshop on Normandy was fabulous!!!! I just signed up for her next 2 workshops with you and I hope that Keiko will be a regular!

Jackie, It is always wonderful to see your smiling face at these workshops! Thank you so much for making so many people happy with all your virtual classes!!!!

Lily S.

“It was a real happiness to participate in Keiko’s class! There was fantastic atmosphere, almost like in Paris on the spot; Thank you again and hope to participate again in the future!”


“Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity with talented artist Keiko Tanabe. I like the challenges from her online workshops and inspirations from her studio painting style.  

I enjoyed seeing you on Zoom, Jackie and appreciate your interactions with all participants.  I love painting along in these Zoom workshops in my home setting, an unexpected joyful experience.

Mary W.

The Price of US $198 for 6 hours includes:

  • Documents to help prepare for the class
  • Personal feedback during the class
  • More feedback after the class if you post on our VIEW Facebook page or by email.
  • The access to our VIEW Facebook page so you can share and communicate with the VIEW Academy community of artists and teachers.
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