VIEW-Michael Solovyev

VIEW with Michael Solovyev, NEWS: ``Landscapes of Provence`` in Watercolor

Reference photos will be send to you ahead of time. You can see above the 2 ref photos (road in the fields and haystacks).

Attend this class and you may win one recording of your choice from Michael’s previous classes. We will do a raffle during the class. Need to be present to win.

Class Information

The class is live and interactive on ZOOM

Dates: June 29 & 30 from 9am till noon Pacific time. 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Participants: Max 25

Medium: Watercolor

Price: $178 for 6 hours

Class Format

Live on ZOOM

  • A host from the VIEW Academy will facilitate the meeting, admitting you if you connect late, helping you with technical problems, etc…
  • The V.I.E.W. workshop is live, interactive and hands-on
  • Michael will demonstrate step by step,  breaking up the process in manageable steps, giving you time to paint during the live session
  • You will be able to ask questions directly to Michael
  • You will be able to show your work to Michael to get personal feedback and critique
  • You will enjoy interactivity with fellow participants
  • You can keep the recordings of the class forever

What you will learn in this Class

  1. The correct construction of the composition depending on the task at hand
  2. Rules for choosing a palette (color solution) depending on the task at hand
  3. Learning the wet-on-wet technique for long-term projects
  4. Using the washout technique to create lighting effects
  5. Using a liner brush for detailing

Biography-Michael Solovyev, NEWS, IWS

Born in Russia in 1972, Michael has chosen Montréal as his home since 2011. From there, his works continue to add to the beauty and value of both public and private collections around the world. 

He participated in 16 personal and more than 70 group exhibitions in different countries.  Michael won numerous awards, including the 1st Award of Excellence on Elected Members Exhibition Society of Canadian Artists in 2019.

 He teaches five self-written art courses in the Syn Studio, a prestigious art school in Montreal, as well as private lessons in his own studio and many masterclasses around the world.

In recent years, he represented Canada at many famous watercolor festivals, including Hong Kong, Slovenia, India, Italy, France, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hungary, and Portugal.

Signature Member – SCA, NEWS, IWS
Daniel Smith Brand Ambassador
Fabriano in Acquarello Canada Country Leader

Professional Associations

  • IWS GLOBAL (International Watercolor Society) – Master status
  • IWS Canada (Master status)
  • SCA (Society of Canadian Artists), Elected Member
  • OPA (Oil Painters of America)
  • MAU (Moscow Artists Union) Moscow, Russia, Elected Member 
  • NEWS (North East Watercolor Society), Signature Member
  • TWSA (Transparent Watercolor Society of America)

More about Michael Solovyev:

Samples of Michael Solovyev's Art

Click on any picture to enlarge.

Testimonials from our VIEWers

“Love, love love your online classes! I’ve done two so far and have really enjoyed both.  I feel my work has improved a lot thanks to your online workshops. You do the BEST job of these workshops. I love the pace, and the instructors are all so willing to stop and help students! ”.

Arlene T.

“The session recordings are one of the reasons these live on-line workshops are better than in-person workshops. The other reason is that we can sit comfortably and look over the shoulder of the artist during the demo. I’m so glad that you are presenting these workshops!”

Margaret W.

” From personal experience as a repeat attendee, let me give you a heads-up…you will be totally hooked on V.I.E.W. soon. The quality and breadth of instructors and lessons is impressive, and the customer service is exceptional.”.

Sandy G.

The Price of US $178 for 6 hours includes:

  • Documents to help prepare for the class
  • Personal feedback during the class
  • The access to our VIEW Facebook page so you can share and communicate with the VIEW Academy community of artists and teachers.
  • The recordings of the class that you can keep forever
  • If you can’t attend, you can buy the recording only (same price).
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