Painting Workshops, Cultural Tours and Cooking Vacations

Join our small group tours of 6 to 12 travelers in France, Spain, Italy or Belgium. Whether  you choose a plein-air painting workshop, a culinary vacation or a cultural tour, you will receive personalized service led by a friendly and knowledgeable tour leader. Our painting workshops include watercolor sketching, oil painting, pastel workshop, watercolor painting or acrylic. These painting workshops are taught by well known English speaking artists. We sometimes also offer what we call a painting retreat, with no instructions and it is designed for artists to paint together while everything is taken care of for them.

Painting Workshops


Improve your painting skills with world renowned artists who will give you one-to-one guidance: we offer watercolor painting, oil painting or pastel workshops as well as watercolor journal sketching.

Culinary Vacations


Get hands-on cooking lessons with professional chefs in Provence & Barcelona.

Cultural Tours


Explore the unexpected and delight in authentic cultural experiences.

With French Escapade, you are not a tourist. You are our guest.

What does that really mean?
It means that traveling with us is the most personalized and unique experience. And here is how:

Fully Escorted Tours

You will have a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide throughout your stay. From breakfast until dinner, our guide will be with you at all time, making sure you’re getting the best quality experience. She will eat with you, translate for you, drive you, take care of you and make your stay a one-of-a-kind experience. On the painting workshops: it means that the teacher doesn’t have to worry about anything else besides teaching. The tour leader takes care of all the logistics and solves any problem that occurs.

Gourmet Food

Our knowledge of the local culture allows us to introduce you to the authentic culture and traditions, through gastronomical food and wines. Whether on a painting holiday or on a cultural tour, we will discover European “art de vivre”. From gourmet restaurants to lunch picnics, eating will always be an experience you will remember.

Small Group Tours

Our small tour sizes ensure a personalized and authentic local experience for each guest. It allows each traveler to get to know each other at a deeper level and creates relationships, that last way beyond the length of the tour. It is common to see women becoming travel buddies.

For the plein air painters: The small size of the group will allow you to get plenty of one-on-one instruction from the teacher.

Only One Accommodation Per Tour

On most trips, we stay at the same accommodation for the entire tour so you can feel at home without having to pack and unpack every day. Best of all, we always choose an ideal base location from where we can take you on a wide variety of nearby daily excursions without having to drive for long periods of time.

Comfortable Transportation

Because of the small group environment, you will be driven in a comfortable air-conditioned 9 seat van, not in a huge monster motor coach. The guide/driver will stop anytime for pictures or any other stops request.

On the painting workshops: You will be driven to the painting sites, so no need to carry your painting supplies on long walks.



With French Escapade, you will have fun and really feel at home.

You are not a tourist, you are our guest.

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